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    Many of you may know that the Logan SBDC offers free management consulting services. In providing these services, our main focus is to help both established and start-up businesses overcome major challenges to drive business growth. Many of you may not know, however, that the center provides a multitude of other low-cost services that will help your company accelerate its growth. These services include: employee training systems, market research, marketing system set-up, e-commerce development, and design services.


    Market Research

    Analysts at the SBDC regularly perform market research for established and start-up businesses. Competitor analyses, surveys, industry analyses, and SWOT analyses are a few examples of the many projects we have conducted. Our market research is customizable to the needs of your businesses, and we tailor each market research project to provide the exact information that you need for success.


    E-Commerce Development

    If you are looking to create an online store, you will need an e-commerce platform, which the Logan SBDC can help you choose and setup.

    Shopify and BigCommerce are two fully functional, yet user friendly ecommerce platforms that we use often, although we can also set up many others. With comprehensive order management systems, they streamline order fulfillment, shipping label creation, and order tracking. They both integrate with many other services and sales channels (such as QuickBooks, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Shopping, Amazon, MailChimp, etc) and integrate with various point of sale (POS) systems to keep all inventory and purchases synced in one location.

    The Logan SBDC will setup your store with either Shopify or BigCommerce, create you a customized theme, and train you on how to manage your store. As part of the store setup we link and configure Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Merchant to facilitate online marketing.


    Creative Services

    Design and other creative services are an essential component of creating and maintaining your company. The Logan SBDC offers a variety of creative services that can help grow your business and build your brand trajectory.  Our graphic designer has experience in branding and brand strategy and can help develop a visual identity for your business that will most effectively communicate with your target market.

    In addition to graphic design services, we offer branding/brand strategy, creative direction, logo design, print design (e.g. brochures, posters, catalogs), package design, and photography. 


    Training Course Development

    The Logan SBDC can help you streamline training or certification procedures with Moodle.

    Moodle is an online learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a robust system to create personalized learning environments. From a few students to millions of users, Moodle can be scaled to support the needs of both small classes and large organizations.

    Save time and money while increasing retention by creating comprehensive, online training or safety certifications courses with Moodle's robust course creation capabilities. The Logan SBDC will setup/configure your Moodle site, create a customized theme, and train you on how to administer your Moodle course. Because Moodle is an open source software it's free to maintain, and your course is yours forever. 


    Marketing Services

    Properly marketing your business through different channels is essential to success, although it can often be difficult to learn all of the systems. At the Logan SBDC we offer direction and implementation of several marketing platforms, including: Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Click Funnels, Lead Pages, email automation, and others upon request.

    Our marketing analyst can create and run ad sets on your social media pages or coach you how to create your own and interpret the results. Our analyst also has experience in creating Click Funnels, an automated sales tool that is popular in online sales and webinars that can be used as a lead magnet as well. By analyzing your business' needs, we can identify Shopify Apps or other methods to automate as much as your sales process and email marketing as possible.


    For more information about these services, a quote, or to schedule an appointment, please call (435) 797-2277, or reach out to us at